One day local tattoo artist“Skinny Ben” Dratnol approached Bill Ness about a product that could be used while tattooing and for immediate aftercare. Ben was looking for something that had a similar consistency and feel of petroleum jelly but was 100% natural. He wanted it made from a combination of coconut oil and vegetable glycerin……”and whatever else makes it work”.

Bill approached his wife Brandi the owner of AsGreenAsGreenCanBe and started brainstorming. Ben and a few of his fellow artists were eager to be our guinea pigs; it took at least four recipes before we got the consistency right……but Inscrib’d Tattoo & Aftercare products was finally born!


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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the tattoo industry with a high quality 100% natural product that improves the overall experience for both artists and their clientele.


Our Product

Inscrib’d™ Tattoo Crème, is an All-Natural, Artist-Approved product. The ingredients creating this product were chosen because their properties. The consistency is smooth and creamy, making it very workable during the tattoo process. Inscrib’d™ is also for immediate aftercare, making it the ultimate choice for artists. Inscrib’d™ Tattoo Crème is conveniently packaged in easy to use tube dispensers.



For more information about Inscrib’d™ and it’s ingredients here is the MSDS  report for this product.






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Inscrib’d™ Updates

Avaliable in July

Our Famous Tattoo Creme will be available in Foil Packs. Starting in July you will now be able to order a Single Use Packet from Us.  Each case will contain 150 – 5ml packets. For Pricing please call or fill out our Wholesale Application It's only fair to share…FacebookGoogle+TwitterPinterestBufferemail

Creation of Our Creme

 Inscrib’d Tattoo Creme, was designed with assistance of tattoo artists. We developed this product like none other. Our creme was specifically designed on feedback from artists. Thank you to all who have helped and supported us.  First off what ingredients? This took many weeks to figure out, there are a lot of oils that are …

The First Time this Artist has Attempted a Braille Tattoo, and First for Bill too!

Thank you Skinny Ben Dratnol. It feels great, no burning sensation, feels a little different as it feels like the skin is raised. Remember Bill was looking for that intentional scarring though.   Watch The Videos   Live tattoo with Inscrib’d owner Bill and tattoo artist Skinny Ben   Just finished up the Braille tattoo …

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